17 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. bro one doubt i m using xperia c device, i want to install the rom which u developed, so can u tell me which mod should i flash,


  2. bro i want to get htc x sense rom link but as i live in pakistan and can not donate you so plz if any other way to get the downloading link for htc x sense tell me plz


  3. hi i am sorry for bothering
    m name is Seiif i wanted to send you some donations but i couldn’t an error pops up.
    so i want to give you my prepaid visa card it got a bit inside it (4.78$ i think)
    my only request is that you teach me ho to port your rom(pure xperia =amazing by the way) or any other rom on alcatel devices with custpack partition
    i hope i am not asking for to much and when i turn 18 i will definitely donate to get that HTC rom
    sory again for not being so helpful :/


    1. Hi, Bro
      First of all thanks For trying to Donate me! !!
      Error is because of 
      RBI(Reserve Bank Of India) Guidelines Which is against the Paypal Policy……
      Unfortunately Indian Paypal User neither can receive donation nor money
      Unless I sell goods or services…. But Now I find the alternative way to receive donation 🙂

      Bro please note that  I doesn’t have any android device with custpack partition

      But if you still want me to guide you about Porting
      Than reply me
      I will try my best or even make post here about porting rom

      Further if you can donate me , I will feel obliged

      Thanks 🙂


  4. Sir,it’s Prosanta.I’m using Symphony w68.I liked your HTC rom so much and wanna use this rom.I wanna donate this rom to you sir.But sir,I don’t know the rules of donating!!Please,advise me how to donate,so that I can do it.And sir,please give me the download link of this rom,so that I can port it to my device for my personal use with permissio, sir.
    Sir,I wish you will do this favour to me.Please sir,please….


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